About us

The sound workshop
in the heart of Milan

A good sound makes you feel
at peace with the world

We are artisans of sound and voice who believe in the importance of working in a calm and collaborative environment. The passion and professional skills we offer to our clients are a guarantee and a safeguard to the quality of our work.

Our staff worked with Turner, Disney, Discovery, Viacom inc, Lucky Red, Fandango, Sony, DeAgostini, Rai, Warner Bros., Mondo Tv, Audible, Mondadori and many others.


Each one contributing their skills to the efficiency of Bluescore Dub

Ignazio Giardina

Dubbing Manager

Stefano di Modugno

Sound Technician
and Podcast&Audiobooks Manager

Sara Mantovani

Customer Manager


Marco Leo

Music director

Edoardo Maggioni

Music composer

Sergio Rigamonti

Music director
Music Composer

Dario Iaculli

Musical producer
Beat maker
Bass player

Luigi Carrillo

Musical producer
Music supervisor

Our highly professional sound engineers and post-producers have been operating in the audiovisual sector  for more than 25 years and have contributed to the creation of major film and audiovisual products such as:

Dragon Ball Z, GT, Super I e II; One Piece from serie I to XIV; Spongebob;
I-Carly; Sam and Cat, I Thunderman,  My Hero Academia serie I, II, III;
Detective Conan from serie I to XI; Trulli tales; Doraemon from serie I to IV; 
The New adventure of Peter Pan;  Shimmer and Shine;  Yu Gi Oh serie I, 5Ds, Arc-V, GX, Zexal; Sailor Moon; Pokemon from serie I to X; Kodomo no omocha; Hamtaro; The Batman I,II,III, IV; Blaze & Monster Machine; Power Rangers; Turbo fast (the serie); Beyblade; Inspector Gadget; Dr Slump e Arale; Randy Cunningham; Jane by design; Preacher and many other…


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